• Paul Gill
    Academic Assistant Director

    Paul has been teaching at ULearn since returning to Dublin four years ago after nearly 10 years living abroad. He spent almost six years in Barcelona before deciding to experience something different by moving to Japan. After three and a half years living on the perimeters of Tokyo he decided it was time to return to his hometown and moved back to Dublin.

  • Steve Porter
    Academic Director

    Steve has many years of experience having spent over 10 years working in the ESL industry. As well as working in Ireland since 2005, he spent three years working in the ESL sector in the Far East. His main interests are guitar, literature and film.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Head Teacher

    Patrick has been teaching in ULearn for 4 years. He had previously gained experience in Asia, Germany and Czech Republic. Patrick is a full-time TEFL teacher and teaches with ULearn in both the mornings and afternoons. As well as teaching Patrick also organises ULearn’s weekend trips outside of Dublin.

  • Ciaran Mc Mahon

    Ciaran is one of the Managers and Directors of ULearn. Ciaran has a background in communications having studied a Masters in Public Communications in 2005. He then spent time working with the Irish senate and also enjoyed a role in the private communications sector. He had previously gained a Masters in History and Politics. Ciaran is a keen sports fan and enjoys playing football.

  • Neil Mc Mahon
    Managing Director

    Neil is a graduate of Psychology in University College Dublin. He is passionate about web technology and has many years of experience in this area. Neil worked abroad for several years teaching both primary and secondary school level in Granada, Spain. He enjoys speaking Spanish, playing guitar and cycling.

  • Gabi Pineda
    Happiness Guru

    Gabi has been living in Ireland for the past four years and is part of our student happiness team. Her smiles are better than sugar-coated unicorns and she is originally from Venezuela. Gabi shows no fear in making students feel at home on their first day but has also been seen making people laugh on their second and third days. If you want to know the best spots in Dublin, just follow her. She has never lost any students on a night out and she speaks a few languages very well too, which is a great help. Yes. That's Gabi.

  • Diego Taroco
    Operations Manager

    Diego is a graduate of the University of Montevideo. Originally from Uruguay, Diego speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese as well as English (of course!)and is likely the first person you will talk to upon contacting the school. He has ample previous experience in administration in the hotel and tourism industries before switching to EFL. Diego has just recently returned triumphant from ULearn's in-house Most-Likely-To-Be-A-Hipster-Outside-Work competition. We congratulate him for his ongoing efforts at bringing up ULearn's cutting-edge fashion average :)

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